Friday, March 28, 2008

for anyone asking

Reasons Not to Sleep in room 322 of the Super 8 Motel of Romeoville, IL
  1. When the fan on the heater turns on it sounds like a loud barking seal for the first 2 minutes. No exaggeration. We had to decide whether we wanted to be warm all night or be woken up every 10 minutes by the sea life trapped in our wall.
  2. Also in the wall are knocking pipes. Annoying knocking anytime a toilet flushes or a neighboring room showers at 6AM.
  3. Paper thin walls. Add to that a group of young adults partying past midnight and loud men in a heated conversation waiting down the hall by the elevator at 6:30AM and it makes for restful sleeping, let me tell ya.
  4. The tv randomly decides it's going to try and closed caption --that sounds wrong? but how do you say that??-- for us (not by our request) and yet the text box remains black and empty simply taking away half of the screen while trying to watch The Today Show all morning.
  5. No water pressure and not a ton of hot water.
  6. We're basically using little more than thin hand towels for our bath towels.

Yes, I know it's a motel versus a hotel... and cheap can sometimes be scary (and hey- Nic and I got a great clean and quiet motel last year for $40!!). But this one wasn't cheap cheap, it had good reviews and the pictures online were very normal looking. And it is clean enough and it is quite decent to look at... and it's quite possible we just had bad luck with the room we got (and the neighbors we ended up with).
But all in all we will be happy to be leaving this "super" 8 behind today!


lina said...

Hopefully after leaving the Mohell 8 behind, you have been able to get a nice nights sleep @ the condo :)

jessica said...

i think i've stayed in that very room! ha ha!

Amy said...

Hope you had a great weekend! I just wanted to thank you for the book. I received in on Friday and am going to bed to start it. Thanks again. I really appreciate it. I will blog about this tomorrow, but I am just too tired now! Talk to you later.

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