Tuesday, February 26, 2008

work it

I've been seeing and hearing of this work-out video more and more often lately, both in real life and in the blogosphere. After hearing nothing but good about it, I decided to check it out myself and see what the buzz was all about. I do after all, need something to motivate me a little. I'm hoping the weather picks up here soon so we can do more walking (which is an awesome work out for me, since pushing both my kids in the double stroller ='s almost 90 lbs!!) but the kids are getting bored with walks and they end up fighting in the stroller. I think I'm going to have to resort to the treadmill at our clubhouse around the corner.
Anyway, the video. I needed something. And I am not very motivated on my own. I have a ball and the Core Secrets video, which I love, but the problem is time to do it. I'm never motivated to do it during the kids' naptime. I'd rather get some work done around the house or sit on my butt with a little me time. Lazy me time that is. And no way am I getting up before they do in the morning to work out.
Savannah actually used to really like to do the core secrets with me. She gets a little bored and obviously can't do it all with me, but if I do the quick work out, she can try most of it. Sawyer however, is a different story. I need something I can do while the kids are around.
So I thought this new one might be right up our alley. It is. And it's awesome! I haven't gone through the "target" workouts (they have ABC'S quickies; arms, back and butt, core and strengthening) but we've done the basic work-out and it was so fun! And it really is a work out if you make it!! There are three sets of partners in the video... mom and a 10 month old, mom and an 18 month old, and dad and a 4 year old, to show different ways to do all the exercises with your kids. It's all a combination of yoga stuff, a little pilates, and some aerobic activity all mixed up together. Savannah and Sawyer and I did the whole 50 minutes together! And I can already tell from today that I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Now that's not saying a lot, considering the shape I'm in, but still... it means something's happening, right? I'm looking forward to doing it again. Savannah wants all four of us to do it so Ryan can do some of the exercises with her that I did with Sawyer for added weight.

If you're looking for a fun way to get moving and something fun to do with the kids... pre-walkers all the way to kindergarteners... check this one out! I got mine at Target for $12.99
(there's also a baby version for younger babies too)


Nicole said...

THREE reviews in one night? HAHAH! You're cracking me up!

I might have to check out this video this spring/summer. Cause we all know I'm going to have some hefty pounds to lose.... ugh.

jenny said...

hey - this sounds kind of fun! i might check it out. what i'm really looking forward to is getting out when the weather warms up!

thanks for all the reviews!

Anonymous said...

We have it, and we've been doing it! Bennett and I did the whole workout once, and then Luke, Ben and I have done "a" and "b"...just so you know, the "abc's" are just pieces of the full workout...nothing new. And since I'm in horrible shape, I was in serious pain for 2 days after doing the full workout. Just mildly sore after the little pieces.

Michelle Leigh said...

Well, it sounds like a great video, but I doubt my ADD kids would do the whole thing :) And, after this baby comes, I'm going to need to go to bootcamp to get back in shape! Ugggh, just the thought of it scares me!

heather said...

I bet they might Michelle... (now I sound like I really am plugging this video. I really just enjoyed it a lot, I swear I don't work for them, haha!)
The whole thing really is just playing and acting and following the kids' lead, but being intentional about putting some physical exertion into it. It's not your typical work out video by any means, but being bears and airplanes and sumo wrestlers and trees and crabs and so on and so on...

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