Monday, November 19, 2007

thankful for peace

Whew! Crazy day! I feel like I'm just now catching my breath and now I'm on my way to bed.

Before I go though, here's my thanks for the day.
I was trying to sum up my thoughts on this one in one word, and Peace is what I came up with. To me, that conveys a feeling that life is overall pretty darn good, if I choose to look at it that way.

Sure I have my days, and sure I have my messes and my stresses and struggles and challenges, but overall I'm so very grateful for the sense of real peace that the Lord gives me in all those things; in the good and the bad. I'm in a place now where even though things are not perfect, I know I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. And I'm learning to choose to embrace a peace about all of it.

When we got involved in our first small group at church years ago, we were involved in a project called 'Life Story' where we spent some time individually recounting our own life story and then sharing that with the group. Looking back on my childhood, my teenage years, my friends, my family, my spiritual journey... who I was through all of that and through examining my life and the steps I had taken, the choices I had made, and where it had all brought me to at that point in my life... it was an amazing experience. To stop and take the time to really see how the old sayings like "to everything there is a season..." or "all things work together for good..." or the bible verse I've always held tight to, Jeremiah 29:11...
to take the time to see how those things were honestly played out in my life thus far, was so good for me. Using that reflection, I've learned to live my life with a little more faith, a little more Peace, with a little less searching and a little less stressing. God's taking care of me. I may not always like exactly where I'm at, but I try to remember it's a very small step in the bigger picture of my life.

For example, I wasn't thrilled to move to two new states in the matter of one year. And though I resisted that second move at first, really this turned out to be such a better place for us. And yes, we're still getting settled and plugged in, and there are still plenty of days when I feel overwhelmed and quite lonely, but I'm thankful that I can choose to see the good things about being here and what could be in store for us here.

I want to continue to be grateful for where I've been, to be content with where I am, and to have a peace about where I'm going.
I'm thankful for the journey.


Anonymous said...

And thankful for (how GOD helps us through)the trials.Because without them we wouldn't be the people we are today. Wiser,stronger and better because of it.XOXO

Christy said...

Thanks for this post. That is one of my fav verses. It is one that gets me though by reflecting on all the ways God has done it already and no doubt in my mind he will do it again (sometimes I just wish I knew what was next- pretty sure it's a control thing)

Katie said...

Thanks for this seemed to be exactly what I needed today. Lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by life and such. But, I so often forget to stop and remember my plan is not always God's plan, and his plan it what I need to will always work out better in the end.

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