Thursday, August 2, 2007

missing person

Lost: One baby boy.
21 months old, 26 pounds and 32 inches tall.
Answers to the name of "SawMan", "SawDawg", "SawMonster, or "Buddy".

It seems as if someone has misplaced their child and taken my baby by mistake. I could see how it happened as they do look much alike, except your child seems more like a boy and hello, mine is a baby.

This new kid pulls hair and likes to climb on tables. He has an affinity for pushing chairs around to get into things. He likes to push buttons on the TV until it breaks. He squeals at the top of his lungs at the slightest drop of a hat and his favorite pastime seems to be infuriating my daughter.

This new kid is growing molars and doesn’t listen to the word “no.” He has a love for (and a knack for finding) pens and markers and redecorating our house. He wakes up waaay too early.

I suggest that you return my baby sooner rather than later before your kid overhears me saying “You're driving me CRAZY!” through clenched teeth to myself too many times. Because the amount of time that gets muttered under my breath, he’s going to start thinking "driving me crazy" is his name.


Happy 21 months, Sawyer Isaac!And please no one remind me that in three short months I'll have a two-year-old.


Anonymous said...

I think I might cry right now! Ben is 19 months...that means in 5 months HE will be 2! WAAHHH!!!!

Nicole said...

Let me join in... WAHHHH!

And, by the way, AWESOME journaling for a scrapbook page.... I'm SO copying it!! Welcome to "Nicole's book of most copied scrapbookers quotes" HAHA!

Happy 21 months, Sawman!

Where the H&ll has time gone!!!

Anonymous said...

Me tooo. WAHHHHH! I have missed way too much of the past 21 months.I want that baby back!!!XOXO

Kim said...

You know I feel your pain, sister! Morgan will be 23 months in 8 days and insists on telling you all the time that he's a "big bye". And sadly, it's true! (In more ways than one - 36lbs, 36.75 inches LMAO)

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